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I was in the middle of moving and purchased a refrigerator from the Sears Outlet in Florence, KY on May 5, 2017. The refrigerator was scheduled to be delivered on Saturday, May 13th.

I received a call from Sears the evening before to let me know that the delivery would be between 4pm and 6pm. At 5pm 2 men came to deliver the new refrigerator. They asked where the waterline shut off valve was and I did not know as I had just moved into the home. One knocked on the floor and the other went to the basement but did not find it in the area where he heard the knock.

I told them it could be in a crawl space which was just in a window in the basement and I could contact the previous owner to ask or I could look in the crawl space to see if I could find it. They told me they would not wait for me to do that and they were leaving. They said that they could leave the refrigerator in my garage or take it with them and if they took it I would be charged a restocking fee. I asked if they could just wait 5 minutes and they refused.

I had my ladder and was heading to the basement and the delivery man kept asking me what to do with the refrigerator. At one point I told him to take it but I would NOT pay a restocking fee and he said I would because he already said I would. I finally had him leave it in the garage. The two men were rocking the refrigerator and being very rough with how they handled it and rocking it back and forth and jerking it around.

I was afraid if they took it I would lose my money. I called the Sears Outlet and explained what happened to Eric and he said he was tired of getting complaints about this. He was very sympathetic and said he would try to contact their manager but that the manager doesn't answer his calls. Eric talked me into trying to have the refrigerator installed again and I explained to Eric that I had been off work 10 days and would be returning to work on Monday May 15th and that delivery would need to be very late in the day when I get off work.

He told me to wait until the delivery service calls Monday night and lets me know what time they can come. He stressed how bad the delivery men felt about the incident and that they were very sorry. On Monday evening, I received a pre-recorded call indicating the delivery would be between 3pm and 5pm. I called the delivery service in an attempt to arrange a different time for the installation, but they would not alter the time.

I explained what had happened and that it should have been installed on Saturday and they said they couldn't do anything about it, that is the only time they could come. Since the Store is in KY and I live in OH I asked if possibly the OH Sears could send someone out and they said they use the same service. At one point the person I was speaking to left the phone and someone picked up the phone and told me that the item I was calling about wasn't in stock. I had no idea what she was talking about and explained I was talking to the delivery person.

She said she worked at the outlet. Apparently, I was transferred to the outlet without notification to either myself or the outlet...a blind transfer. I spoke with Charles, a manager at the store and he told me they have no control over the deliveries. This is when I discovered that the same 2 people handle all of the deliveries.

This is also when I told him I would prefer not to have them in my house again and that I do not trust them. I told Charles I would hire someone to do the installation for me and he said he would back-off the delivery charge from my account. When my installer came to install the refrigerator, I needed to pull the manual for him from the internet because the refrigerator did not come with an installation manual. It was at this time that I realized that I was paying only a couple hundred dollars less for this dented refrigerator than for the new ones that were on sale for $1999.00 albeit the damaged ones were advertised as being available for at least 50% off.

We also discovered that the water filter that was supposed to be sent with the refrigerator was not sent as indicated at the time of the sale. When my credit card arrived, I went online and discovered also that the charge for the delivery had not been backed off as agreed by Charles. Once again I called the store and spoke with Eric. He was very polite and nice and said that he would take the delivery charge off and that he would find a filter for me, but there were none in stock.

He said he would send an email to his other managers and let me know what he finds. I clarified with him that I would hear back from him and he said everything would be handled. Well, that was on May 27th and today is June 2nd and I have not heard from anyone. Obviously the people from Sears are full of a lot of hot air.

They have been through some training to teach them what words to use and how to react to customers when they are unhappy, but they have not taught them sincerity, honesty, honor, or respect. This is the very last time I will ever buy anything from Sears. I am done. They do not care about their customers at all and it shows.

In comparison, I purchased a washing machine the following week from a local appliance store and everyone from the salesman to the delivery personnel could not have been more considerate. This is all the more reason to support our small local businesses even if we end up paying $50 - $100 more for an item, the service is worth the peace of mind.

Review about: Sears Outlet Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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