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Worst experience with a business, customer service (should be named something else for sears) I've ever encountered. Bar none.

Takes the cake, and the whole *** bakery. UGH! Sorry, Long, long story I'll try to make short. (haha) Order fridge jan 3, 2017 at 7:00 pm on from a store 350 miles from me hoping the 2-3 week shipping estimate would not apply as I did not have a working fridge with a fam of 5.

Not fun. I paid full amount of order with Sears gift cards. $1258.00 States online on their website that orders ship within 48 hrs. 72 hrs later: Jan 6, 2017.

Order hasn't shipped yet according to website and the Sacramento Outlet store. (I called to verify) Found an awesome promotion on that would allow me to pick up a different (more expensive) fridge in 5 days from my local store. Sounded like a better deal (time-wise) Made several phone calls regarding a possible switchout, refunding e-gift cards for new purchase, anything to make a quick, smooth transaction. HAHA!

Was told 7-10 business days via USPS i would receive my gift cards, but only after the cancellation was processed. And no swap-out, temporary credit, nothing instant to help me get this other fridge. Its sears gift cards. I still wanted to spend them at sears.

Its not a difficult concept to grasp. Well maybe just not to me. Speaking to a non-American outsourced call center to someone who doesnt comprehend basic things is ridiculously frustrating. If its not written on their notepads, forget even trying to get anything accomplished.

Called SAC store to cancel who informs me that customer service is the ones that process the refunds, so I may want to cancel with them to make sure my gift cards get refunded. Ok. Call C.S. and the rep states she has to send this over to the appropriate department and it will pend until they initialize the cancellation.

- Well that doesn't work for me. Theres an almost $300 shipping charge that I can avoid having to eat if I cancel before its in shipping. Call the Sac Outlet back. Cancelled my order with them, they even called me back to verify and ensure everything was done on their part.

My fridge would not be sent out, and order was cancelled. Great. They tell me to call C.S. to handle the refund portion.

Call C.S. immediately following. I was told by the first rep that I would get them in 7-10 business days in the mail. I was astonished.

I guess I just hoped being told that previously was just some figmant of my delusional mind in the whole escapade.... Dammit. It wasn't. I told the rep, I was not comfortable with 1250 gift cards being sent via USPS because they have no claim to me.

Anyone can intercept and spend them. Then what do I do? I redquested e-gift cards instead. You would think I just showed them electricity for the first time.

They were astonished that I would even request that. No, we can't do that. Sorry, you must wait 7-10 days. It's absolutely asinine to them that I asked why the original gift cards could not be refunded directy.

Like every other American retail store. Or if they did'nt automatically re-issue funds to original gift card, they immediately issued an identical card through the system either physical card or e-gift card. My choice. Oh, think of that..

BTW I used to always make my large purchases through gift cards. Not only do I get to buy 1 a payday for x amount to save up, but there is also no hassle when returning products, no debating the amounts, no waiting for the payment to drop off your charged account a week or two later, if they actually occured ( unless expensive items I guess ) Bam, instantaneous money available for me to spend in their store or online. Well, thats other companies, not sears. Ok, sorry, back to calling the corporate gift card dept.

I told her I wanted a mgr. Was told Mgr busy on 1 call, have to return my call within 20 mins. ( thats what I was told) Never received a phone call. Called Sears back 3 hours later.

Pissed off. That supervisor tells me I have to call the gift card department. I'm thinking, ok that sounds legit. Maybe now I'm getting somewhere.

The first rep I spoke to in the gc dept told me that because the store issued my cancellation, they had to issue my refund as well. Immediately Called the SAC store. They said thats absolutely not how it works and to call that dept back. Call gc dept again.

The rep this call is a total *%^C#. UGH ASTOUNDING the ppl that work in this supposed (customer service industry) Its so laughable. She tells me again that e-gift cards are not permitted. And that after the cancellation is processed my gift cards would be automatically generated and mailed out and I dont need to call them until after my 7-10 business days is over and I hadn't received them yet.

Are you kidding me? I'm exhausted `Done for the night, they were all closed. (sears) and I need sleep. Jan 8-Check my order status in the afternoon thinking they had plenty of time to cancel my order and process my gift cards.

It had been 48 hours since I cancelled it. Nope. Still showing ready for pick up on my account page. Omg.

Call Customer Service. Told to call SAC because the order was not showing up yet that it was cancelled. Huh? It's been 48 hours you incompetant morons.

How in the *** could it not be "pending cancellation" yet?! She tells me to call SAC outlet and ask them why they hadn't cancelled my order. I'm pretty sure a vein burst in my forehead at that exact moment. I reluctantly call the SAC store as I'm pretty sure the foreigners were just passing me off again.

I was right. SAC outlet store confirmed they had done everything they needed to on their side. They even called on my behalf trying to get the gift cards issued, or another form of payment so I could get a fridge asap. To no avail.

Nothing they could do, out of their hands. Call Sears customer service. Ask for corporate number, name, email, don't care just give me one. I get transferred to an automated *** number that ends up disconnecting my call because that department is closed.

It's just like piling on the sprinkles and whip cream before the cherry comes toppling the whole thing over. I start emailing, writing comments, posts, whatever. I was done with endless phone calls, incompetent foreigners, rude reps, and *** lies. I thought maybe I could get my aggression out via email and I could get a decent response.

I send to sears in full detail everything that happened up to that point. I had already sent an inquiry previously about the whole 7-10 days on the gift cards fyi. After inquiring about their so called gift card policy, the response I get is "we didnt find your order with the email and name provided. Well, because I sent from a different email address than on my account, and different name.

I wanted to be anonymous. Thought maybe one of those *** *^&#( put some bad notes in my account not to give me e-gift cards. Because I was and am still astounded in 2017 sears acts like e-gift cards are just an unfeasible and tech advanced process that is just incompatible with their system. Actually, at this point I realize its that customers that pay with gift cards are black-balled.

Like it's monopoly money and I'm some *** thinking I have real cash. I can wait as long as they feel cuz I paid with a card that doesn't have an interest rate. I found some card on the side of the road and got lucky enough that it could afford to buy me a fridgerator. Whatta ya know?

It's my lucky day. Prejuidice. So I send my order # and info back. They respond that they can not process in store purchases and I would need to contact or go into the SAC outlet store.

WTF? Do these people know how to read? How to tie their own shoes, or for god sakes how do they remember to breathe at this point? You can't look at your own website with my order # and tell that the purchase was made on

I also love that because I, the 2nd rate citizen used measly gift cards am ineligible to receive any shop your way points when paying with a gift card that I paid cold hard cash for. Nice to see you reward your customers in every way and really carry out the prejudice against gift card owners to the full extent. Wow. we got bigger problems than I thought.

Great. So I AGAIN in grave detail send a response of every incident that had occured to that point. That was 24 hours ago I sent it and have not received a response. In an hour it will be Jan 10.

My order is still open. No gift cards generated. No fridge on its way for me. I have had 31 conversations with multiple Sears departments/employees in only 4 days.

Countless hours wasted, exhausted on them. Made no progress whatsoever. That's so pathetic. There's a name for this.....

Oh yah, its called theft. Robbery. Felony. Sears took 1250.00 of my hard earned money and gave me nothing in return.

No merchandise, no gift cards, no resolve. I am going to consult an attorney and call the police. You cannot just steal people's money SEARS! I will do whatever I need to get public attention on this matter if not addressed asap.

I will never do business with them again, I will highly recommend everyone I know not to do business with them. Not one positive thing to say. Google your company. Google Sears return policy with gift cards.

I know after going through just a few of the thousands of posts, I will not be one of those customers who never get their refund. *** no.

Great company you work for and represent. Kudos.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Outlet Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $1250.

Preferred solution: Full refund and compensation for my time wasted dealing with idiots that do not resolve any issues or provide any type of solution.

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